World of tanks matchmaking bullshit

Wot - italian tanks coming | world of tanks gave up playing wot claus matchmaking totally pissed me off still love watching your videos though just get all of the this game is balanced bullshit out of the way and offer truly overpowered vehicles for those who are willing to spend big money the wall is down--the post. Rigged match making by thing 1 published july 25, 2016 updated november 26, 2017 when it comes to complaints about world of tanks, nothing comes close to the number of complaints about the rigged match making, or mm. The rheinmetall skorpion g is a german tier 8 premium tank destroyer development of the second series of self-propelled guns on the basis of the panther tank was started by the rheinmetall company in january 1943.

World of tanks is a free 2 play online game which is available as a free download it is one of the best video games i have ever played and i fully recommend it it is one of the best video games i have ever played and i fully recommend it. Tanks are buggy as hell, i honestly hope the new physichs won’t be as terrible as the current one in wtgf, and while the planes are fun to play, it often gets screwed up due to matchmaking, getting raped by jets in my stuka :. World of stealth tanks: belarusian boogaloo is a godawful free-to-grind massive (nobody actually plays this) mockery online game made by a shitty belarusian company called wargaming, aptly known as tardgaming for many good reasons it is a game that can be regarded as call of duty for tanks.

I wrote that i have the hunch of world of tanks being a rigged game, where via matchmaking, tinkering with penetration bullshit, especially in lower tiers world of tanks is one of the most over rated games on the net. I'm posting to encourage all wot players, especially premium account holders, to boycott buying gold in world of tanks ok, so this is the point of the post sounds like you're trying to get us to trust you and go against wargaming. Here's wargaming's patent on the matchmaker and how it operates, supporting observed behaviour: according to another aspect, the matchmaking server may store a win/loss percentage for each user (or vehicle) at a given battle levelmatchmakerpng as the player's win/loss ratio decreases, the player becomes.

Sick and tired of your bullshit match making - posted in gameplay: i know why the match making is fcked, because it urges people into higher tiers where they then cant sustain without premium, its obvious and from a business pov logical at first but pissing off your players never is a smart business model so get rid of the. World of tanks 10 review and more 23 by as usual using bullshit tactics to disguise the real problems with the game, rng and gun accuracy make me download wot again however, the game, behind these visuals, is riddled with problems, like the awful rng, bad matchmaking, unbalanced vehicles and just poor developer’s. Page 2 of 3 - wot matchmaking (as seen via xvm) - posted in wot world of tanks: among hundreds of thousands of matches, a sample of less of one thousand is hardly significant from a statistical point of view there is a test for that, and probably the confidence interval that could be calculated from your sample is wide. This matchmaking - posted in gameplay: the_lone_hunterz, on 09 july 2015 - 08:35 pm, said: but what is the reason they cant/wont implement skillbased mm too few players if you guys have seen the wotbstars thread, about 12000 skilled players (forumers) have registered their account there if all of them would play a hour a day. Tank nut and gamer wannabe huge fan of tanks and world war ii history playing since i was six years old, from streets of rage on my sega mega drive to world of tanks, i've never stopped since and will always love games.

Информационный портал wot инфо самые последние новости из мира танков, обзоры популярных танков, гайды, прохождение лбз wot, действующие акции, викторины и только самая нужная информация world of tanks. There are exactly zero changes in matchmaking from 95 to 96 according to this chart fjelstad1678 on february 14, 2015 at 10:35 pm said: i believe the stug iv was able to get into tier 7 games before (at least according to tank inspector, and i believe pointyhairedjedi mentioned it. Jingles gave you a shout out for your vid on the premium matchmaking and linked your vid on his channel , most be doing something right lol just dont buy any of those bullshit p2w tanks~ eric ritchings 8 months ago agreed claus played like a potato and still made 100k world of tanks - pucker factor 10the mighty jingles 8 months. Only tanks from tier 6-9 can ever see a tier 8 preferential matchmaking tank every other tank doesn’t matter given these population numbers, i’d estimate about one in every three or four games at a minimum have a preferential matchmaking tank, probably more, enough of a population to potentially cause problems that the matchmaker.

Wot 2018 preview – part 2 23 december 2017 ~ sebastianul source: wot portal update 922: soviet tech tree revision premium vehicles with preferential matchmaking and on behalf of the whole world of tanks team, thank you so much for all of your time and feedback on the game advertisements. 12 kommentare zu world of tanks: änderungen an der karte „fjorde“ hauptfeld65 // 12/08/2018 um 16:33 // zum antworten anmelden an dieser karte wurde schon soviel rumgedoktort, da wird viel manpower reingesteckt und die map bleibt beschissen. The secret of world of tanks update: due to the undying interest in the topic, i did a more serious research in the topic, read that instead world of tanks is an extremely successful game with 20 million users and 30% paying rate. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world -the g-man half-life last edit: 3 éve 1 hete by ga5udehun.

Wot's matchmaker is rigged - the proof 3 years of lies only to be undone by their own hands with the patent us 8425330 b1 filled by wargaming in 2012 and published april 23, 2013 - dynamic battle session matchmaking in a multiplayer game. Wot - match maker says screw you | world of tanks claus kellerman loading unsubscribe from claus kellerman world of tanks new match maker says screw. World of tanks - comparing tanks side by side.

Press question mark to see available shortcut keys sign in. The latest tweets from world of tanks: console (@wotconsole) the official twitter for world of tanks on xbox and playstation 4 esrb: teen (mild violence) na server. The prior matchmaking had maus vs tier 7 light tanks and possibly tier 8 everything else how is the current matchmaking worse than that the current matchmaking (3/5/7) gives the bottom tier almost half the other team as an equally tiered tank.

World of tanks matchmaking bullshit
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